Since 2012, the Alliance has partnered with the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences / Muhimbili National Hospital (MUHAS/MNH) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  MUHAS is the largest teaching institution in sub-Saharan Africa.  MHN, a 1500 bed hospital, serves more than 5 million people in Dar Es Salaam and the surrounding area, and is the major referral center for the entire country.

Alliance volunteers have spent a total of two years  at MUHAS/MHN, bringing tools and techniques to the local surgeons that expand capacity and improve patient outcomes.

Consider what improved capacity means to people who need surgical care in a country that has only 0.3 surgeons/100,000 population (compared with 7 surgeons/100,000 population in the United States).

  “There has been tremendous improvement in the knowledge and skill sets at Muhimbili and the country as a whole. Personally, I am far better in the skill sets as a result of the training/mentorship from the Alliance Faculty trainer. My sincere request to the Alliance is to continue with the training they are offering as we are still in great need.”

Dr. Ali  Mwanga, a senior MUHAS/MNH physician, Dar es Salaam, 2018

Alliance Engagement Improves Lives

Edna alliance.jpg

Mrs. Edna Mwakisale, 33 year old single Mom with a four year old son, was previously employed as a data entry clerk, but had to stop work due to serious illness caused by a large pelvic tumor originating in the bowel.  Alliance trained surgeons, Drs. Kitembo Salum and Godfrey Michele,  successfully removed the tumor preserving normal bowel function. She is looking forward to returning to work and supporting her family.