Surgical Educators and Residents volunteer for rotations of up to one month.  During that time, the main focus of Alliance Volunteers is to teach our Tanzanian colleagues expanded surgical skills and techniques that improve patient care, safety, efficiency and outcomes.  In addition, there are many opportunities for direct patient care.

Surgical Educators must be board certified and Residents must be engaged in an ACGME approved surgery training program or equivalent with at least 3 years of clinical training.  Further requirements for all volunteers include:

  • Active Medical License

  • Desire to teach in a resource constrained environment

  • Submission of Credential and Travel Documents

  • Willingness to record both cases as well as Morbidity and Mortality into the database (coming soon)

  • Application for Temporary Tanzanian Medical License (click here)

The total cost of volunteering at MUHAS for one month (including air fare, lodging, food and visa) is approximately $5,000.00.   Supplemental funding through the Pacific Coast Surgical Association (PCSA) is available to Residents who: have completed three years of surgical training; are enrolled in a residency training program associated with the PCSA; and are accepted in a Global Surgery clinical rotation.  

 For additional insights into this volunteer opportunity, please see What Can I Expect as a Volunteer” and view the orientation video.