November 2012 - Week Six - William Schecter

This week there were relatively few cases however the complexity of the cases continue to increase.  Of note, there was very complex pancreatic pseudocyst and a large right colon cancer invading the abdominal wall involving the right adnexae, a large portion of the ileum, the sigmoid colon and the lateral wall of the duodenum.  Lawrence has already done his third splenectomy after being on the service two weeks.  He also has two colostomies as well as having participated and done significant portions of two very complex right hemicolectomies, an abdominoperineal resection for a large, bulky rectal cancer invading the vagina, the pancreatic pseudocyst and a strangulated inguinal hernia requiring a bowel resection.  He also scrubbed on a very difficult large bowel intussception with a cecal tumor intussucepting all the way to the rectum.

The academic and non-operative portions of the program continue as per the reports in the previous weeks.

Case List

Disease                                                                   Operation
Goiter                                                                      Right thyroid lobectomy
Rectal Cancer                                                         Diverting Colostomy
TB of breast                                                            Incisional biopsy of left breast
Pancreatic pseudocyst                                           Roux en Y pancreatic cyst-jejunostomy
Ca right colon                                                         En block resection of right colon, right
                                                                                adnexae, sigmoid colon and lateral wall of
                                                                                duodenum, repair of duodenum, pyloric
                                                                                exclusion, tube duodenostomy, ileotransverse
                                                                                colostomy and sigmoid colocolostomy
Ruptured spleen                                                     Splenectomy  
Large bowel intussusception                                 Subtotal colectomy